original body patch

Detox + Slim Down

Burn fat, support metabolism, control cravings and provide a natural whole body detoxification with The Original Slimming Body Patch™ Program. Small and discreet, the formula is rapidly absorbed into your body once applied to your skin for a rapid 12 hour activation.

PROGRAM INCLUDED which explains the foods to eat for optimal results. These include a nutritionally balanced variety of lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats. All portioned controlled with no calorie counting. 

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

The Fat Burning Formula

The formula is infused within the gel adhesive which activates over a 12 hour timeframe once applied to your skin. Formulated in Australia, our experts have chosen for their unique abilities to offer a complete whole body detoxification supporting liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. 

One single Body Patch is to be worn for 12 hours daily. One pack includes 5 sheets of 6 patches (30 patches in total).

How it's worn

Simply apply one single patch and wear on your body for up to 12 hours. The natural herbal formula will absorb directly into your body transdermally. 

Patches are discreet and convenient and are only 3cm x 3cm in size.

30 Patches per Pack

As our formula is unique and powerful, the patch will activate over a 12 hour time and continue to “do it’s thing” for up to 24 hours until you replace with a fresh patch daily.

How much will I lose?

Every person is different, but many have experienced amazing results of 3kg in their first week and around 7-8kg loss in just one month.

To achieve these results, you must strictly follow our 30 Day Nutritional Guide as we know the combination of our Fat Burning Foods and The Original Body Patches work amazingly together.

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